Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) is all about how businesses give their end users secure access to their digital services as well as how they administer, collect, analyze, and securely store data for those users.

CIAM sits at the intersection of security, customer experience, and analytics. Providing an easy, frictionless way for users to register, log in and manage their profiles on corporate websites, portals, shops and other consumer-facing accounts, is critical for driving conversions and building customer loyalty. Protecting sensitive data from malicious intrusion and taking steps to prevent data breaches is central to a sound security policy and compliance with data privacy laws. Further more, compiling user data into a single source of truth is essential to understanding your customers. 

CIAM Benefits:

  • Improve online customer experiences by creating easy-to-use online registration, login, and account management tools
  • Manage customer identities at scale, into the tens of millions
  • Allow user self-registration and management
  • Authenticate user identities to reduce fraud
  • Manage user consent and privacy to stay compliant with privacy laws
  • Connect with CRM, content management systems (CMS), analytical software, and other tools to personalize customer experiences and/or discover upselling opportunities
  • Provide security function like encryption to secure customer data at rest and in transit¬†

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