cidaas is our cloud based, customer identity and access management system. A modern, innovative product, developed by WidasConcepts, a German based IT consulting and services company.

Our solution provides registration, login, social ID based login, authentication, authorization and advanced multi-factor enabled capabilities out of the box! 

Just by integrating cidaas with your cloud /web based product, in few hours, you can  avail a world class secure GDPR compliant CIAM System integrated to your offering. While cidaas takes care of underlying identity management and fraud detection, you get to focus on building your application to support your business needs.


Our Identity platform is developed keeping in mind the top priorities in today's digital world - security, scalability, flexibility and ease of use. We support organizations in building identity-based business models and there by help them drive enterprise security, privacy and compliance while delivering personalized and consistent customer experiences across all channels.

cidaas software hosted in Germany, is built based on the OAuth2.0 and OpenID Connect standards and is ISO27001 certified.