There could be several reasons for a failed registration. We have identified one of these and how you can solve it is detailed below. 

cidaas has a feature to screen for emails from potentially fake or blacklisted email providers and block you from using it during Registration. If this is disabled and if you are trying to register with an email ID issued from one of this harmful list of email providers in our library, there is a  possibility that you cannot register.  Our recommendation is to follow best practices and not activate it, so you are dealing with authentic email IDs all the time. However, there are times when you may have a test instance or such, where a non-existent email has to be used. In other situations you may be using email IDs automatically generated by scripts during automated testing.

When these situations arise, you can choose "allow disposable email" to be ON, which disables the checking. In addition you could create your own blocked list for emails,  by typing in your known fake email provider list. By doing this, you can exclude the one provider that your automated tests might be using.

How to Configure?

By default, the flag "Allow disposable Email" is disabled, so fake emails cannot be used during registration. In order to allow registrations using any/all e-mail domains, this flag must be activated. 

This setting can be found under: cidaas Admin Dashboard -> Apps -> App Settings -> selected clientId -> Advanced Settings -> Flow Settings. After you have activated this setting you will be able to register.

Steps to follow:

1. Navigate to cidaas Admin Dashboard and go to Apps >> App Settings

2. In the Apps List, search App by Client Name or Client Type, click on the   Edit button

3. Select   Advance Settings   >>   Flow Settings  and enable Allow disposable e-mail