Your end-users/ customers need to know how their personal data is being handled. They alone have the right to their data. Users are increasingly aware and cautious in the digital world, and when they have clarity that their data privacy is respected and not compromised, you can win their trust and loyalty.

How can this be done? Learn more about cidaas Consent Management. 

Consent management feature that cidaas offers, makes data collecting processes transparent. For e.g.:  When users provide consent to aspects such as:  

1. What does it mean when they accept cookies?

2. What does it mean when they accept terms and conditions?

3. Will they be able to revoke any consent whenever they want to?

4. Will their email address or any personal info be shared with third parties for advertising?

Users can themselves determine and give or revoke consent in a well informed manner! 

All this, being in complete conformance with GDPR regulations. 

cidaas Consent Management - has answers to your's and your customers' data privacy/security concerns.

How do we configure this feature as an Admin user?